New Directions Now

When you're ready to go in a New Direction join us on Sunday evenings at 6 pm in the  parsonage of Lively Stones Baptist at 2293 Chandler Mill Rd, Pelham, NC 27311. It's only $5 per week and you'll meet others who are walking their path in recovery. We also have a meeting every Thursday at 11 am at 225 Third Ave. in Yanceyville, NC. We can also meet with individuals by appointment. Our website is We can be reached by phone at 336 514-0607.

Mission Statement

New Directions is committed to facilitating positive change for those needing supportive faith-based care in their addiction recovery and sobriety.

Scriptural Foundation

"In the fear of the Lord is strong confidence and his children shall have a place of refuge" Proverbs 14:26.


To provide a safe refuge of recovery for all who enter. Underneath and throughout recovery, to offer all participants love, understanding, encouragement, discipline, stability, motivation, commitment, and faithfulness of the staff and volunteers. We walk together, never alone.


For more details, go to or e-mail us through our Contact Us page.

Lastest Lesson

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